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I was born to late Shri Punamchand Khara & Late Smt. Raseelaben Khara in a middleclass Gujrathi family at Akola. I did my schooling and further studies at my home town itself. After completing my education I planned to start small business and in pursuit of suitable place for starting the maiden business I came to Nagpur in the year …………..  At Mahal a place in Nagpur City, I started business venture in Stainless Steel Utensils under the name and style of ‘Steel Home’, infront of Gandhisagar Lake with meager investment. With the best wishes of well wishers and by the grace of Almighty within a short span of time I could make modest earnings. My entire childhood was blissful, but I remember the day when I had to be in queue for the entire day for getting enrolled for new gas connection and my family could get the connection after a weeklong wait. This incident made me realize the pains & sufferings in getting new LPG cooking fuel connection and I vowed to make available the LPG cooking fuel connections readily & easily to all intended citizens of the country, however, the Government policies were not favourable at the relevant time and I had to wait for some time to fulfil my avowed objective of serving the Indian population.

In the year 1993 when Government liberalized the LPG policy inviting participation from private bottlers to subserve the Public Sector Oil Companies in the field of LPG Bottling and LPG Cylinder manufacturing, with the modest earnings out of the Steel Utensils business I ventured to encash the liberalization policy of the Government and took over two sick cylinder manufacturing units one at Bhopal and the other at Hyderabad.  It was the turning point in my life and since then I never had any chance to revert. As a true entrepreneur I adopted ‘Positive Approach’ & ‘Can Do’ open mindset coupled with strenuous efforts, hard work and firm determination which helped me acquire LPG Cylinder Manufacturing units one after the other and today I feel pride in announcing that I owns Nine mega LPG Cylinder manufacturing units in the country and 2 units overseas in Indonesia with the accolade of being the largest Cylinder manufacturer in Asia. My lust for business expansion was continuous. I as an entrepreneur was burning with desire to see my business move up to the next level, to transform it & exponentially grow. With liberalization of Government policy allowing participation of private parties in the field of Domestic LPG marketing I tapped the opportunity and traded the business under the name and style of ‘Gaspoint Petroleum India Limited’ under the brand name ‘Gaspoint’  and with the passage of time the network of LPG Cylinder Bottling Plants went on increasing and with great pleasure I feel pride in announcing that today I owns 52 LPG Cylinder Bottling Plants with network spread over in 19 States of the country fulfilling the LPG needs of most part of the country as part of my avowed object to mitigate the suffering of Indian citizens in getting the domestic cooking fuel.

I saw that growing vehicular pollution has become a cause of concern. A large number of public more particularly the school going children are prone to various diseases because of vehicular pollution. In the interest of nation and with the noble cause of mitigating the sufferings of people out of vehicular pollution I thought of installing Auto LPG Dispensing Stations with a view to divert most conventional fuel vehicles to Auto LPG. It is with great pleasure to announce that today 150 Auto LPG Dispensing Stations have been installed across the country and are serving in this noble cause of reducing vehicular pollution.

Nothing can deter a person with determined goal. I thus pursued my goal with firm determination, dedication, devotion coupled with hard work. With great pleasure, I feel pride in announcing that my hard work, dedicated efforts and devotion for the past 25 years have yielded result and today I am heading Confidence Group, a conglomerate housing varied activities viz. LPG Cylinder manufacturing, LPG Bottling Assistance, CNG Cylinder manufacturing, Auto LPG Dispensing Stations, a BSE listed company with a turnover of 800 Crores, as its Chairmen & Managing Director. My yearning still continues to pursue additional ventures in LPG, CNG and Natural Gas. My dream is to see every household in the country lighting up LPG cooking fuel and the automotive sector running on Auto LPG/ CNG. To turn my dream of safe environment into reality I had already commissioned 150 Auto LPG Dispensing Stations across the country and plans to install around 500 more Auto LPG Dispensing Stations across the country is in pipeline.

Manufacturing in big way

The company acquired one after the other cylinder manufacturing units and became the largest cylinder manufacturer in the country.

    • The acquisitions and takeovers can be summarized as below :
    • Andhra Cylinders, Hyderabad in the year 1997.
    • Maharashtra Cylinders Private Limited, Nagpur taken over in 1997.
    • Karnool cylinders, Karnool, taken over in 1998.
    • Sanuj Steels Private Limited, Khopoli taken over in 1999.
    • Mercury Cylinders Pvt. Ltd., Mathura taken over in 2000.
    • Devrasa Gas Chem ltd., Mumbai taken over in 2005.

Under Mr. Khara's leadership the company revived the Khopoli plant to become Asia’s largest cylinder manufacturing plant.

The company is largest supplier of cylinders to major oil companies like HPCL, BPCL, IOCL and some other private companies like Reliance and Shell.

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This journey has given a lot of satisfaction and accolades to Mr. Khara in the form of various awards won by him.

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